How to go to Mizusawa Udon street by bus from Ikaho Town

Mizusawa Udon is one of the three most famous udon in Japan.  It is made only from pure water with quality flour which is coming from Gunma Prefecture.  Gunma is a major area for producing quality wheat.  Udon is firm and a bit thick and very good to taste with cold dipping soup.  There are 13 Udon restaurants in Mizusawa Udon street and different restaurant provide their own home-made udon.

The bus schedule could be quite sparse, it can be run every 1 or 2 hour to go and back.  Moreover, the restaurants almost close at around 4-5pm.  However it is easy to go if you are able to check the schedule online before going.  There are 4 routes you can take from Ikaho town to Mizusawa Udon street.  The bus stop nearby the restaurants is “Mizusawa”.  I will also recommend to go Mizusawa Temple for a visit before going to have the delicious udon.  So you can get off at “Mizusawa Kannon” then you can just go into the temple area through the car park.  There are several buildings that you can spend approximately 30 mins to 1 hour to take picture or worshiped.

  1. Gunma bus : Route Every 1 hour between 10:00 – 15:00 between Takasaki station and Ikaho town.
  2. Gunma bus : Only 4-5 bus a day between Shibukawa station and Ikaho town.
  3. Gunma bus : Only 2 bus a day and only available on Saturday, Sunday and Holiday.

Please download the latest bus schedule here in the above links

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4. Gunma bus:

You can download the latest bus information from here: -> Living Procedures -> shibukawa’s local bus -> No. 4 of Ikaho town bus

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