Traffic behind Kuwait

Kuwait is a beautiful country that people rarely mention when suggesting new places to travel. Tucked right above the Persian Gulf, Kuwait has one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world to commemorate its freedom, overshadowing the authentic beauty of its number of mosques, museums, and other historic sites.  When you go around the city, apart from taxis, bus services make up Kuwait’s entire public transport network as the country currently has no rail infrastructure.  Several railways have been planned for many years but no plans have materialized.

Kuwait has several tourist attractions that you’ll enjoy visiting. I will list for you some of the top attractions you must visit when you travel there.

Al Hamra – City this the tallest tower in Kuwait and the 15th tallest sculpted tower in the world. 

Liberation Tower – this is the second tallest building in Kuwait.

The Grand Mosque – This is the largest mosque in Kuwait.

Those are the main attraction you cannot miss.  You can take bus from airport to those attraction easily.  Further, most road signs are in English and Arabic, although there are no signs posted in many streets.  From,  traffic is a major problem here, as the vehicle numbers on the roads are growing by the year, and the government is seriously addressing this issue by improving the roads and developing transport links to include a rapid transit system along the coast.

How to get around the attractions

You can buy single and Day pass tickets from the bus driver as you get on the bus.  Pay cash to the bus driver as you get on the bus for single tickets. If you’re making several journeys in the day a Day pass ticket may well save money. The driver will also be able to advise you on the best ticket to get.  The ticket fee from citybus company are almost all about 200 fils, 250 fils, 300 fils and 500 fils.

The bus network is extensive and economy.  The bus from Kuwait Public Transport Company which has air-conditioned and very comfortable. Intercity trips cost just a few fils per ride. The City Bus routes are similar but isn’t quite as reliable. Both services are used primarily by lower-income workers travelling to their jobs.  Will help to improve the bus service and reliability?  I guess this is a good opportunity if this help to improve the experience of travel.

From, the total number of hotels in Kuwait in 2017, by class. In that year, there were 42 hotel apartments, 13 three star hotels, 10 four star hotels, nine resorts, ten five star hotels, four hotels with two star and two hotels with a one star ratings in Kuwait.

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What is the best of Parisan Macau

This is the off peak season to travel to Macau, so we have been staying for several days here because less people and the rooms are in good price.  The Parisian is the newest hotel for Sands Macau at this moment.  Sooner there will be Londoner but it is not open for public yet.  So now, what is the best things to do in Parisian and what are the good places to visit?  I’m not visiting those big attraction this time but I will be visiting some local store.

There are many shops and restaurants here but the Le Buffet in Parisian is the best buffet (among those other buffet in Sands Macau) I have ever tried.  I will introduce 2 dishes that I won’t miss.

Pasta Macaroni with spinach and salmon (Like)

Please don’t miss the above pasta macaroni, it is covered by some melting cheese, this dishes only appear at Lunch buffet.

Indian food is one of the thing I never miss in the Le Buffet.

Of course there are a lot of amazing food here below, please get your own tea no matter Jasmine orange tea (cold), honey lemon water, please help yourself.

It’s time to go out for visit. In the front door of Parisian Macau, there are several public bus on the street going to the north (Macau Peninsula).  In the opposite street, there are bus going to the south (Coloane).  To the City Center in the north, buses can do like 21A, 26A, others buses also go to north but different part.  I always took 21A or 26A as they are quite frequent.  You can buy a Macau pass from any convenient store or supermarket.  It charge half price for almost all the buses.  So, that is MOP3 no matter which bus stop you get on and drop off.  I like to take bus in macau as it is so easy to travel by foreigner and very economy when using Macau Pass.

In the city center, get off at Almeida Ribeiro / Weng Hang station.  We visit the canned fish store Lola das Conservas Macau, they store are so attractive and all the products are from Portugal.

Their official fb:

Guia Fortress was under construction.

Two restaurant I would like to recommended:

Restaurante Escada, Traditional Portugese food, highly recommended.


Cafe SAB8, new style of portugese food.  Good to try.


Apart from restaurant, some local stores are also great:

Tim Fat Vun Chai Chi, shark fins.  I have ordered the one MOP75, actually I saw other people ordered MOP50 with more fins inside than mine.  However, mine are with some other ingredients inside.  The soup was delicious.

Alua e Comidas Portuguese “Kam In”, 100 Years old, Cultural heritage in macau.  Official fb :

The coconut ice-cream.  Location :

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

To the south of Macau Coloane, there are some good places.  Take the same bus, like 21A, 26A, from the opposite direction of The Parisian, to the south.  You can visit Coloane.  I also visit Cheoc Van Beach if you don’t mind to walk up and down a little bit of hill.

Take a sandwich and have a rest of me.  The beach is small and the sand is tough.  But I have a good walk here and really less people around.

Coloane Library

Pointe Cais de Coloane, the pier.  Some stores selling shark fins, salty fish.  I go there after 5pm and I got some discount for salty fish as they were about closing.

Time to go back to hotel.  Just at the bus stop, there was bus no. 25 as well going back to The Parisian.

For Le Buffet in Parisian, can buy discounted coupon here:

At the end, it’s good to have a rest and do foot massage in the room.

The ice-cream in front of the casino, I like the hazelnut one.

More image for the buffet here:

If you have spare money, can go to play in the casino as well, but I will not recommended to stay there for a long time.

The Parisian is worth to stay

For Le Buffet in Parisian, discounted coupon here:


China e-wallet in Silk Road

In Aug 2019, I had a journey to the north-west of China for 8 days.  Dun Huang, Turpan, Ürümqi, Zhangye.  It’s a fascinating, exciting place as there are many 4A or even 5A Tourist Attractions of China.  Those places have popular fruits as well like dry grapes Turpan, mellon in Xinjiang, Guazhou, etc. Actually, most of the shopping place accept China e-wallet like wechat, alipay.  We went to the bar at the roof-top of the hotel in Dunhuang and ate some Shish kebab, roasted mushroom and melon juice.  The melon juice and roasted mushroom are delicious.  Luckily my friend had Alipay China e-wallet, otherwise, I still have my own credit card I can use but I need to bear with the rate and charge.  In the souvenir shop, e-wallet is necessary even for a post card.

But there are still some street stalls like this below accept cash.  Some shops in the open market accepting both cash and e-wallet.

Hawker selling melon

Back in Hong Kong, I decide to activate China e-wallet like wechat and alipay.  I hooked up to use e-wallet like Payme, AlipayHK, Wechat, Apple Pay, but never the China’s one.  At last, I have made succeed.  There are 4 easy steps below without going to China:

1. Buy a sim card. 

There are 2 different types: monthly or prepaid.

In Prepaid , there are 2 different charge type : RMB19/month or RMB6/month

I bought this one (one card with 2 numbers) which charge RMB6 per month, the cost I’ve paid for the card is $250 in Tsuen Wan but i’m sure it will be cheaper buying in other place like Sham Shui Po.

This card contain RMB50 inside.  It will basically charge RMB6 each month for the Caller ID function, this is  to maintain the card even if you didn’t use the card.  RMB1 per 800MB data in China and RMB1 per 30MB data in Hong Kong.  It will charge RMB1/day even use only 0.1MB on that day.

2. Online submit the True Identity Registration form

Fill in a hard copy application form (can be collected from the sim card seller).  Fill out your Name, your china number (showing on the sim card).  Follow the steps on the QR code in the leaflet of the sim card.  In online application form, you will need to capture your China document, hard copy form, and your picture at real time.  Make sure your picture is clearly show your face and above waist, without holding the sim card.

Once submit success, you will see the Submission success screen.  If not, please do again.

To check your result, use the same QR code you scan before (showing on the leaflet of sim card), select person center -> my order -> online registration.

3. Open a mainland bank account

Can do in any branch of the Bank of China in Hong Kong, if you already have a BOC hong kong account, please bring along only your ID, China document and the sim card.  This action is to fill out the document they provided and they will submit to the branch in China.  However, you will have to wait for less than 10 days before you collect your debit card.

When you collect your debit card, at the same time, you can remit money at the counter free of service charge.  This free remittance charge only apply at the time when you collect your debit card.

4. Link your debit card to Wechat or Alipay

Wechat:  For iphone , this is the same app as the HK and China wechat, just only Wallet region is different

  1. Open wechat , Go to “Wechat Pay”
  2. At the top right corner, click “…”, select FAQ
  3. Select “How can a WeChat Pay HK user activate and use the Mainland China wallet”
  4. One the First paragraph, click “Click here”
  5. Follows the steps to add card (debit card), document ID (if you are carrying the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, enter the first Alphabet and the first 8-digit only)
  6. You can then switch wallet region, in wechat pay, select top right corner “…”, click “Select Wallet Region”
  7. Now you can top up your balance or receive RMB sent from your friend.

Alipay: Please download another app for Alipay China.  It is different app from AlipayHK.

  1. Select “Me” at the bottom
  2. Select “Bank Cards”
  3. Add card, similar process as above.

Alipay and Wechat pay let you shop for goods and services on the internet and even in the real “bricks and mortar” world.  So, when travelling to China next time, my real wallet is lighter as I will be using e-wallet.


The most beautiful tunnel at Kawachi Wisteria Garden, Fukuoka, Japan

Kawachi Fuji-en is a private garden exclusive for wisteria which opens only wisteria blooming season in late April and autumn foliage.  It is one of CNN’s “31 Most Beautiful Places In Japan.”  Kawachi Fujien is only open twice a year for wisteria in spring and coloured leaves in autumn.  The wisteria garden’s opening period between late April and beginning of May (varies depending on the weather).  I visit on 26 April 2019 and I buy the entrance ticket online through Japanican earlier in March.  The entrance ticket is 500 yen each, however, you may request to pay extra 500-1000 yen if the flower has grown a lot.  At the time, I pay 500 yen extra and heard that the flower is 60% grown.

During Wisteria Flowers period (Late April – beginning of May),  there are 22 kinds of wisteria, e.g Noda Nagafuji, Alborosea, Reddish purple, Red, White, Violaceoplena, Long, Medium, Short.

During Autumn Leaves period (Mid. of November – early December),  There are approximately 700 trees and there are 18 trees more than 70 years old.

The area of the wisteria garden is more or less than a football field, 1-2 hours enough for visiting.  There are about 3300 square meters of large wisteria trellis, Wisteria dome and Wisteria tunnel.

How to go there from Hakata(博多) station

Check the train schedule time from Hakata to Yahata(八幡) station.  You can check by the apps “JapanTransit” in english or “乘換案內” in japanese kanji.  The result below shows examples of the way to go from Hakata to Yahata.  Both trains below can go with your North Kyushu JR Pass.  No reservation is needed.

I bought JR pass in cheaper price officially here:

3/5 Day JR All/North Kyushu Pass (Japan Pick Up)

At yahata station, you can take the free shuttle bus from station to the garden.  The time schedule of the shuttle bus this year:

The official say that you must have the entrance ticket of the garden in order to take this shuttle bus, however, they didn’t check my tickets.  The bus took 30 mins to go there.  If you take taxi, it could be about 3000 yen.

Garden opening hours: 8:00~18:00

Date: 20 April to 6 May 2019

It is very instagrammable, a must place to go in Fukuoka!

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Court hotel Fukuoka Tenjin :


Hipster tour at The Mills

The Mills building was formerly a cotton-spinning factory owned by Nan Fung Textiles in 60’s, it’s operated until 1995.  Now is being transformed into a single coherent complex which is located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.  Many textile factories were located in Tsuen Wan, a large industrial town in the New Territories that once serviced as a small market centre for surrounding Hakka villagers.

The Mills consists of three renovated cotton-spinning factory buildings: Mill 4, Mill 5 and Mill 6.

You may ask where are Mill 1,2 & 3?

The missing 3 buildings were where the Hong Kong’s movie (Lifeline) taking place in 1997.  A big fire erupted the factory and because of many hazardous objects present, an explosion occurs, releasing toxic gas, the buildings were totally destroyed and it is replaced by a housing estate nowadays.

The Centre for Heritage, Arts, and Textile (CHAT) is housed in the former Mill 6, alongside The Mills Fabrica (a techstyle incubator) and The Mills Shopfloor (an experiential retail space).  CHAT is a unique exhibition and studio space that weave together contemporary art design, science, heritage, community and craftsmanship.  Shopfloor is the complex’s experiential retail zone.  There’s also a rooftop, The Deck, which contains a vegetable patch for the complex’s restaurants, as well as a 20-metre wall designated for commissioned artworks.

Gallery 1 and 2 are venues for CHAT’s own curated exhibitions and programmes to explore diverse subjects interwoven into textile culture.  From contemporary art to design, CHAT will introduce a fresh lens to re-discover textile not only as a material but also explore its metaphorical meanings, invoking new dialogues about textile and contemporary culture.

Visitors can also experience a re-created textile mill in virtual reality by $15/ppl.  CHAT shop echoes the vision of their exhibitions and programmes. Besides CHAT’s publications, they collaborate with artists, designers and partners to bring you delightful offerings that immerse your senses into textile creations around the world.  The topic change every 3 months, the spring topics are from now on until Jun 2019.

There are many workshops in CHAT lab and The Hall like Wavy Weaving Wall Workshop, Visible Mending, Darning & Sashiko and some Embroidery workshops you can attended.  Some are apply online and some are walk-in, some are free too, for detail :  It is also good to join the free CHAT Highlights Tour session which takes about 30 mins.  This tour covers selected highlights of the current exhibitions – Welcome to the Spinning Factory and Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life and other art installation at CHAT.  Details about Co-learning at CHAT :

Two rooftops.

There are several coffee shops and some local snack and dessert cafe, if you want to have a rest, why not having one or two snacks or drinks.  Other food and beverage :

It’s a very instagramable place, please have a visitor for 1 or 2 hours and you will definitely find something you love.

Silka Far East Hotel is a fairly good and new and the most nearest hotel to The Mills in tsuen wan :

The Mills’ Location:

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3 basic steps for fast finding a hotel

What is your top searching criteria for a room?  Price first or location first or facility first?  If you are travel for free, it must be a hard time to find a hotel which consist of Economy, Convenient, Enough facility, etc.  It is not the basic things that a hotel must offer, but there are only 3 easy steps to find a hotel which are almost closed to you needs.


This action can achieve two requirements:   Location and Price.

Type in the airport name that you landed on Google map.  It is more accurate to enter the airport name but not only the city or country name in order to locate where you will land.    Zoom in to the district you go, and then you can see there are some hotel icons.  If you are travel with a car, you can zoom out a little to find the place you want to go first.  Once you are zooming in enough, you can see hotel icons, click on any hotel, you will find a list of price that the most popular hotel booking site offer on the left panel.  This is powerful that it shows the price comparison and the location in one go.  However, this price information does not included the date and the type of rooms available, it only show the cheapest price offered on the same hotel by different site.  At this moment, you are able to find the way of transport from airport to the city or to the hotel directly by using google map’s direction.  You can see if there ares restaurants and bars ,  or supermarket around.


It is good enough to select 2 to 3 hotel booking sites according to the left panel on the google map.  From the hotel booking site, 3 things must be filled, the specific hotel name, date and number of people.  For example if you travel in a group of 3 people, instead of triple room, some room with twin or double bed also capable for extra person with an extra sofa in the room or allow to request extra bed depend on the size of the room.  If the room does not fitted your needs, you can :

a. try other hotel in Google map and check again.


b. select “Sorting by distance” that you can list out all the nearest hotel to the hotel you selected before with price.


In the page which showing a list of hotel room, check the feature of the room to see if it meet your requirement.

Lastly, remember to read the comments.  I normally read around 20-40 comments to see any special things that may affect my decision.  Except the comment of service and quality of room or meal, something you can’t think of but the hotel site may not mentioned.  For example the location is opposite to a funeral parlour, the fee of car park beside, etc.  People can tell one thing that may change you decision, cause people always look for a hotel which has several top priorities.  Except Price and Location and Facility, a Meal quality could also be important if it is a rural resort place.

Lastly, if the specific room is sold out, it is always good to check with that room for several days from different sites.  I recently experience a couple of time that the targeted room is available again but it was sold out since I started searching a week before.

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Best Pho in Ho Chi Minh City

Food journey continue in Vietnam.  The Hanoi and Saigon styles of pho differ by noodle width, sweetness of broth, and choice of herbs.  A local tour guide introduce me this restaurant which is 40 years history.  There are still tables available when we got there.  I believed it will be full of people during peak hour.

The spirit of Pho is the broth and some typical garnishes.  The southern Vietnamese pho broth is less oily.  The first thing to do when having the Pho is the get a spoon and taste the soup.  The broth I have tasted is thin and delicious compare with the broth of instance noodles which is thick.  Once you have tasted, you will have an idea of how many herbs, lime juice you would like to put.  As I like thin soup, I will squeeze less than half pieces of lime juice.  Vietnamese dishes are typically served with lots of greens, herbs, vegetables, and various other accompaniments, such as dipping sauces, hot and spicy pastes such as Sriracha, onions, chili peppers, culantro, lime, bean sprouts, and Thai basil.

They provide unlimited culantro, bean sprouts, Thai basil, fish sauce.  To made the pho wonderful, I put as many bean sprouts as I can to add a crunchy feeling.  I will put 3 pieces of culantro but I divided it into 3-4 pieces of each.  I will put 2 pieces of Thai basil as the flavor is thick.  Putting a little onions and chilli peppers to make it fruitful.  This great variety of fresh herbs is totally difference from the one in northern style which generally include only diced green onion and cilantro, garlic, chili sauce and quẩy

The result of the taste is great, only the slices of beef is normal.  For the main spirit of Vietnamese cuisine, fish sauce, is to be dipped by some other dished that we ordered.  I strongly recommend to order the crispy pork spring roll and it is perfect to go with the fish sauce.

I came here Ho Chi Minh City the first time on Feb 2019 and there are too many good foods like seafood, dumpling and fresh fruits to try.


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One day sight seeing in Ho Chi Minh City

War Remnants Museum

Museum store more than 20,000 exhibits.  In the American crime showrooms, you cannot imagine how the soldiers have done for the people of Vietnam during the war.  The influence of chemical weapon Agent Orange remains nowadays.

The well-known photo, Napalm girl, is located in the showroom.  The nine-year-old child depicted in the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken during the Vietnam War on June 8, 1972.

Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral

The Central Post Office is perhaps the most beautiful post office in Southeast Asia.  Located next to Notre Dame Cathedral.  There are many souvenirs and crafts you can buy in the post office.  The Notre Dame Cathedral is under maintenance, however, you can still taking photo of the beautiful building outside.

Independence Palace

It also known as Reunification Palace, is a landmark of Ho Chi Minh City.  One of the most attractive thing is the tribute of 3 elephant’s foot which are heard to be the same family.  Once inside, there are beautiful wooden stairways and door frame.  Leisure rooms are grand like cinema, room for playing card.

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The Best onsen hotel in Kusatsu

Kusatsu onsen is ranking No.1 in the Japan Top100 Onsen 2018 and it has always been at the top for 16 years, an indoor hot spring resort that is said to cure anything except love affair.  It is strongly acidic and high bactericidal power.  There are lots of nice restaurant around, however, I must introduce one to you as the onsen dinner and breakfast is excellent, the service is good.  This is Kane Midori, an onsen ryokan which is just 3 mins walk from central bus terminal and only 5 mins walk to central Yubatake.  Details list in below.

Yukata choice : Kane Midori is running by an old couples with heart.  Mostly, yukata is available in the room of ryokan, but there are lots of nice yukata for you to choose everyday.

Excellent Dinner and Breakfast: Both dinner and breakfast are Japanese style.  Strongly recommended to have the rice at the end of the dinner as it is so nice with salmon roe on top.

Good onsen: there are indoor and outdoor bath, however, the outdoor one seem not hot enough.  The environment is clean and nice. Hotel site:

Good location: It is so convenient and centrally located in Kusatsu.  Located by Google map :

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How to go to Mizusawa Udon street by bus from Ikaho Town

Mizusawa Udon is one of the three most famous udon in Japan.  It is made only from pure water with quality flour which is coming from Gunma Prefecture.  Gunma is a major area for producing quality wheat.  Udon is firm and a bit thick and very good to taste with cold dipping soup.  There are 13 Udon restaurants in Mizusawa Udon street and different restaurant provide their own home-made udon.

The bus schedule could be quite sparse, it can be run every 1 or 2 hour to go and back.  Moreover, the restaurants almost close at around 4-5pm.  However it is easy to go if you are able to check the schedule online before going.  There are 4 routes you can take from Ikaho town to Mizusawa Udon street.  The bus stop nearby the restaurants is “Mizusawa”.  I will also recommend to go Mizusawa Temple for a visit before going to have the delicious udon.  So you can get off at “Mizusawa Kannon” then you can just go into the temple area through the car park.  There are several buildings that you can spend approximately 30 mins to 1 hour to take picture or worshiped.

  1. Gunma bus : Route Every 1 hour between 10:00 – 15:00 between Takasaki station and Ikaho town.
  2. Gunma bus : Only 4-5 bus a day between Shibukawa station and Ikaho town.
  3. Gunma bus : Only 2 bus a day and only available on Saturday, Sunday and Holiday.

Please download the latest bus schedule here in the above links

All information from :

4. Gunma bus:

You can download the latest bus information from here: -> Living Procedures -> shibukawa’s local bus -> No. 4 of Ikaho town bus

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